Backup, recovery and restoring any network device configuration is critical for an organization to ensure business continuity.  Finding a comprehensive automated back up and recovery solution is limited. BackBox offers organizations a soluton that gives assurance that all network device configurations are regularly and automatically backed up and verified to ensure that all mission critical applications perform as expected.  One of the benefits of having every devise  configuration backed up is that in the event of disaster, recovery time is significantly reduced.

Many organisations are currently using Syslog-based open source solutions that may provide just simple scheduled backups, but this does not offer the many features of the BackBox solution, including a dashboard interface for quick visibility of device status.  

BackBox offers the following additional features compared to Syslog based solutions:

FEATURE Syslog based solutions Open Source
Built-in Multi Vendor Support ok_icone ok_icone minus_icone
Dashboard interface for quick visibility of device status ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
Multi-Method Backup verification ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
Delegated Administration ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
Scheduled Backups ok_icone ok_icone ok_icone*
Off-box storage ok_icone minus_icone ok_icone*
Real-time logging ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
Reporting ok_icone minus_icone partial_icone*
Real-time device testing ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
Device Statistics ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
HTML Job Notification ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
Device Grouping and Filtering for Large Organizations ok_icone minus_icone minus_icone
VM Support ok_icone minus_icone ok_icone
Full support for new devices types ok_icone partial_icone** minus_icone*
* Not built-in, requires user customization ** Slow response for new device types

BackBox is a comprehensive solution with a convenient dashboard interface that comes with a full range of features, most of which can be customized for your particular needs. This is unique to BackBox.